Review: Click Roast Deliver: Cafe Umbria Whole Bean Coffee

About the Product:
   A premium blend created by Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri in commemoration of our 10th anniversary. A careful blending of seven different coffee beans produces a complex coffee with intense flavor. We invite you to enjoy and experience “Il Gusto del Caffè”.
My Review:
 Click Roast Deliver is a great concept especially if you are a coffee connoisseur like I am. I have to have my coffee every morning like clock work. It is very important to my husband and I to get a great tasting coffee as well as affordable. And don’t you think for a minute that they don’t have the flavor or the roast that you want, because they have many to choose from. If you can learn more at this link.

 For this review I was able to review Caffe Umbria (Grifo Blend) it is a medium roast coffee which is the roast I prefer. It is a good general type tasting coffee. I like it’s richness and subtle taste. It is a coffee that doesn’t have all the fancy enhancers and I’m glad. I like simple and this coffee is just that! If you would like to learn more, visit this link.

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the seller or website listed. All opinions are my own.

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