Review: Morning Briefings by:Christine Digiacomo

Morning Briefings
About the Book:
If you want to read Scripture daily, but feel overwhelmed, or simply do not know where to start … if you think you just do not have time to add one more thing to your schedule … well, Morning Briefings are for you! Drawing from Paul’s writings of Philippians and Colossians, Christine DiGiacomo offers relevant teaching and application on a daily basis. Having taught the Bible in various settings over a span of two decades, Christine pulls from her life in the corporate world, family life (as a mother of four), teaching and mentoring high school students and combines it with insightful writing that has gone out to 117 countries in the past five years. Peek, read, smile, think and be challenged by these daily forays into God’s Word. You will find them an invaluable way to start your day!  

My Review:
 Over the course of our day, our time with God can get pushed further and further down the list. Taking time from preparing breakfast and lunches for our families begin our day. We keep getting into our “to do” list so much so that we forget about Him. Our time with Him is something that should be cherished and we should be committed to giving that to Him. We all really miss out when we neglect our Father in that way. The author has combined several emails that she sent had sent a few businessman that needed to dig into God’s word more in order to see their business reach greater heights. As a result the author was working as their corporate pastor of sorts and begin sending Bible study emails each week.

 Her readings have grown in their efforts to reach 127 countries. She is insightful and definitely has a way with words that far reach many Bible studies, I have read. They are simple, concise, straight forward and right to the point. And they are full! Full of what we need the most each day. Inspiration and encouragement to help along life’s way. Morning Briefings is a great way to begin your day connecting to your Father and helping you fulfill some much needed time with Him.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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