Review: Why Christmas? by:Barbara Reaoch

Why Christmas? by Barbara Reaoch
About the Book:
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Most children do not know the true answer to that question or why God sent Jesus to live on earth. Why Christmas? is a helpful devotional with Scripture reading, memory verse, Christmas carol and questions to direct your child’s heart towards God. The readings, which begin on the first day of December, are Biblical, short, and effective. Colorful illustrations illuminate the events of the incarnation. This book will provide parents with the assistance they desire for leading their child to the Christ of Christmas.

About the Author:
Barbara Reaoch is Bible Study Fellowship International’s Director of children’s programs. For nearly twenty years, she taught women s BSF classes in the U.S. and South Africa. Barbara also worked at the Rafiki Girl s Center in South Africa, teaching the Bible and life skills to young women. She has been married to Ron for 40 years; they have three grown children and four grandchildren.

My Review:
The perfect teaching tool for children, is something that can teach them again and again. Why Christmas? and Why Easter? are devotionals for children but it doesn’t stop there. You can literally teach your children or Sunday school class from either text. Both are very easy to use. There are 7 items listed on each lesson that are used to apply these devotionals or lessons. These include Pray, Read, Listen, Truth, Discuss, Memorize, and Sing. Why Christmas/ has 25 different lessons to be used 24 days before Christmas and Why Easter? is to be used 4 weeks before Easter Sunday.

 Each lesson or devotion is short, simple, and straight to the point. My boys are enjoying the Easter lessons already and I plan on using these very helpful books to teach my preschool Sunday school class, as well. Gone is the time in our household where we commercialize these holidays, my children need to know what these two holidays stand for and my husband and I intend on sharing that with them and emphasizing it each and every holiday. We are blessed to live in a country where we can freely worship our Savior and this is something I plan to teach my children as long as I can. These books are perfect for this!

**Disclosure** These books were sent to me free of charge for my honest review Cross Focused Reviews.

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