Review:Jesus Culture:Calling a Generation to Revival by:Banning Liebscher

Jesus Culture: Calling a Generation to Revival
About the Book:
You Were Created For This Moment in History!
  A new breed of revivalist is arising to answer the cry of God’s heart. These burning ones are calling cities and nations back to the Lord, and challenging societies to be transformed by the power and love of God. This is your call and mandate!

It’s one thing to be counter-cultural and go against the flow of culture. But God calls us to an even greater way of living by making Jesus the model for everything we do. Join this movement and…
Unlock the blessing of honoring those who have gone before you Experience a powerful prayer-life marked by boldness, confidence and expectancy Activate the supernatural power of God through healing, signs, wonders, and the prophetic Banning Liebscher, founder of the Jesus Culture movement, believes that you were positioned at this time in history for this moment. Discover the blueprint to fulfilling your purpose, living an extraordinary life, and changing the world— starting wherever God has placed you today!

About the Author:
Banning and his wife, SeaJay Liebscher are the Directors of Jesus Culture, a ministry mobilizing a generation of revivalists and reformers who will shape culture and transform nations. They are the Senior Leaders of Jesus Culture Church located in Sacramento, California. Their passion is to see nations awakened to the love and power of God and for a generation to fully give themselves for the cause of Christ in the earth.

My Review:
 Todays society is called to revival and it is urgent to join the movement. Jesus Culture is a movement dedicated to revival. In the book, Jesus Culture, you will learn all there is to know about the movement and find out how to answer the call that God has placed on your heart. The book includes discussion questions where you can learn more about your role in the vast universe that is our Father.

 The author states serving someone else’s vision when you can’t find your own, just as Elisha had dome for Elijah. I have found that statement to be true of a lot of things in life. Even when there are other circumstances such as a person that is mourning a loss in their life. I was always told that if the grief is too much for you to bear then try helping others in some way and this will be a catalyst to get you past it.

 I agree with the author when he stated that the older generation is to come along side the younger generation and teach them. I agree with him because there are so many things being lost because the older generation is failing the younger generation in this way. If the older generation would just take up the task of teaching the younger maybe things could continue turning around in the world. We are failing them by not showing them the way.

 Within the pages of this book, you will want to see the same hope the author does. He is on fire for the Lord and you can feel it through the pages. Join the movement today!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.

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