Review: Waiting For Your Prince by:Jackie Kendall

 Waiting for Your Prince: A Message for the Young Lady in Waiting
About the Book:
Become the young woman you were made to be while you wait for God’s best.

You are beautiful, valuable, and completely unique from anyone else who has ever lived in history!

If this is really true, why would we want to act like everyone else—especially the world?

In Waiting for Your Prince, Jackie Kendall encourages you to live like the priceless treasure God created you to be.

You’ll find out how:

Purity does not keep you from enjoying life; it saves you from giving away your most precious possession, identity Waiting for God’s best protects you from losing your self-worth by dating losers Saying “Yes” to Jesus signs you up to live the extraordinary life God has prepared just for you Wait for God’s best and show the world that you have something that so many desperately want: You are secure in the young woman God made you to be!

About the Author:
Jackie Kendall is President of Power to Grow Ministries. She is a National conference speaker and the best-selling author of Lady in Waiting, The Mentoring Mom, A Man Worth Waiting For, Free to Love: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness, and Lady in Waiting for Little Girls. She has been married 37 years to Ken and they have two grown children, Ben and Jessi, a son-in-law Drew, and their first grandchild—Emma Grace.

My Review:
 Staying pure until your wedding day, is the absolutely best gift that you can give to your husband. Many teenaged children feel a stigma attached to themselves when others see them as a virgin or know that they are. You are actually looked down upon because you aren’t doing what others around you are doing.Therein lies a beauty in waiting for the one God has predestined for you. I know my daughter believes he is missing in action. She has to be reminded, that in God’s perfect time, the “one” will be revealed.

 Waiting for Your Prince, encourages you to keep trusting God and keep his commandants while in wait for the “one” who is to fulfill your destiny. My favorite encouraging word from the book is when the author encourages our girls to not settle for a Bozo, but to wait for a Boaz. Love it! The author explains to young girls through different scripture references the connections between a young lady saying yes to God and no to premarital sex. Remaining pure is God’s ultimate design, and it is a treasured gift that should remain so. I applaud the author for addressing this topic, our world is in desperate need of this message.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.

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