Review: Experience History Through Music by:Diana Waring

About the Products:
America – Heart of a New Nation
From the French and Indian War to the first transcontinental railroad, America is a chronological tour of American history through its music. Enjoy the songs and stories of our past that have been shared from generation to generation—songs that make you laugh, make you cry, and make your patriotic spirit soar.

 Westward Ho! – Heart of the Old West
America’s westward expansion is amazingly rich in stories and songs.  In Westward Ho!, you will find the pioneer spirit that stirred the hearts of thousands of Americans to leave the safety and comfort of home expressed in folk songs of or about that time.  Now you can experience the pioneers’ adventures, dangers, joys, sorrows and hopes as you join in and sing along.

Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder
The well-loved stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder will come to life all over again as you listen to the songs that were a part of life for the Ingalls and thousands of other pioneering families.  Written by William Anderson, noted Laura Ingalls Wilder biographer, the book also includes beautiful photos by internationally known Little House photographer, Leslie A. Kelly.

About the Author:
Author of Beyond Survival, Reaping the Harvest and Diana Waring’s History Revealed world history curriculum, Diana discovered years ago that “the key to education is relationship.” Beginning in the early ’80s, Diana homeschooled her children through high-school—the real life opportunities to learn how kids learn.  Mentored by educators whose focus was honoring Him who created all learners, and with an international background (born in Germany, university degree in French, lifelong student of world history), Diana cares about how people learn as well as what they learn.  Audiences on four continents have enthusiastically received her energetic speaking style.
My Review:
Diana Waring is not a stranger in the homeschool world. She and her husband, Bill homeschooled their three children, so not only has she actually been where we are as homeschool parents. She has come to know this world as “homeschoolers” so well that she actually creates the curriculum that many of us have enjoyed over the years. She and her family are a big help to all of us in this arena, they have come alongside as encouragers and creators so it was a BIG treat for me to get a chance to review some of  her latest creations in the Experience History Through Music line of products.

 The one product I was most excited about and frankly knew a little more about was the Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder . When I was homeschooling my daughter, she is now graduated, we worked on the Prairie Primer curriculum because of my love of Little House on the Prairie. So after working on that curriculum we fell in love with Laura Ingalls Wilder even more and learned a lot more about her. The author has painstakingly expanded on a very subject near and dear to our family when he created this masterpiece.

 By studying this book you learn so much more about Laura than ever before. There are pictures of many things, places, and events throughout her life that I had never seen before. Including the sheet music along with a CD for some of the songs that Laura and her family enjoyed through the years. The beautiful female voice you hear on the accompanying CD is that of Diana Waring, she is not only an author but also an accomplished singer as well.

 I also had the pleasure of reviewing two of the other products listed from the product line of Experience History Through Music entitled, America – Heart of a New Nation & Westward Ho! – Heart of the Old West. These great history lessons through music are a unique way to expand on your children’s curriculum and they allow them to experience the exact songs others that come before them actually sang, lived, and experienced. There is no better way to learn about the songs that would get the pioneers through troubling times or exciting times than to hear them for ourselves.

 America – Heart of a New Nation, is music that would fit several marks in history, the time of the colonial period as well as the transcontinental railroad. In much of the same fashion as the previous book mentioned this book and accompanying CD showcase the songs and music that these individuals clung to during those times of abundance and want. It has many pictures as well as history behind many of the happenings of that day that will mark a turning point in history that we will always turn back to and remember.

 Westward Ho! – Heart of the Old West, this book and accompanying CD probably will touch our hearts even more because of the closer connection we all feel to the pioneers and the fact that as far as marks in time, we could better relate to them as they are in the last century and we still benefit from many of the things they had done for us with their time here. The pioneers and their search for gold left us with a more expanded country in which to roam for further generations so that we may raise our families any where we wish without the fear that the wilderness may bring. The sheet music and CD are included with this book as well.

 We get to experience history through music during those times that own their mark in the history of this great nation. The things that defined us as a nation and that continue to encourage us to strive to be better than we were yesterday. They held music near and dear to their hearts back then, because many times it took that music or those songs to get through the things that lie ahead for them and because of that, many generations can still benefit from it today. 

 Each of these books are regularly priced at $18.99 each, but Diana has decided to offer the three book/CD set together for $50, for the month of July ONLY. The link to these awesome supplements that can expand on your children’s history lessons are located at this link. And if that wasn’t enough there is a giveaway that you could enter to possibly win some products for your homeschool at this link.

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