Review: No More Dragons by:Jim Burgen

No More Dragons: Get Free from Broken Dreams, Lost Hope, Bad Religion, and Other Monsters
About the Book:
Becoming a dragon is a dangerously subtle process.

You make a long chain of bad choices. The chain gradually wraps around you. Layer by layer, it begins to take on the aspect of scales. One day you glance at yourself in the mirror and a monster is staring back at you. You aren’t who you used to be. You aren’t who you want to be. You’re not who you were created and designed to be. Instead, you’re a dragon.

When Jim Burgen was nineteen years old, he realized how easy it had been to become a dragon. He knew he didn’t want to be one anymore . . . but how? “No More Dragons” is the story of our common, hopeful journey from dragonhood back to personhood.

As Pastor Burgen narrates the remarkable process of reclaiming himself from himself, he implores modern church goers to shake off the trivialities of churchiness in favor of the substantive questions that make a spiritual transformation:

“Is Jesus the only one who can undragon people?”

“Why don’t I like most churches?”

“Where is God in difficult times?”

“How do you shed decades of gnarly scales?”

Some choices will lead you to a better life. Some will kill you. Some choices will add a new layer of scales to your dragon, and some will slough them off. “No More Dragons” is about asking Christ to deliver you and learning how to obey him.

About the Author:
Jim Burgen studied Bible and Sociology at Milligan College. He spent the first twenty years of his ministry working with high school and college students in Kentucky. He has been the lead pastor of Flatirons Community Church in Boulder County, Colorado since 2006. He also serves on the board of SOZO International, an NGO focusing on holistic community empowerment in Afghanistan.

My Review:
 The author simply states in his phenomenal book, No More Dragons, that it comes down to this–grace and truth. He says its simply better to hold on to both. If you prefer for God not to tear away the scales from your life, you are actually  going to lead a more difficult life. As we Christians we know all to way that the insults, accusations, and ridicule never seem to end. Jesus knew when He made alot of the controversial statements He made that were going to be met with accusations and persecution, but He still taught His followers what they were going to have to do and have to give up in order to walk with Him.

  The author offers in sight into the fact that many of us are becoming or will become dragons if we are not very careful. We need to hold sight to the fact that we all are broken people and in order to stay close to God we need to remain humble and never forget how broken we truly are. We are a hopeless, broken people that need Jesus and the church will have to always remember that if we are to ever keep winning souls for the Kingdom.

 No More Dragons, is a great book to keep us all in check!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Look.

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