Review: Behold A Lone Horseman by:Jeannie Hudson

 Behold a Lone Horseman
About the Book:
Behold A Lone Horseman is the enthralling story of a tender and passionate love between a liberated young heroine and a fearless man, both caught up in the pursuit of wealth, power and artistic achievement in 1876 Colorado Territory.
 Aiden Endicott, a dashing Englishman already possesses wealth and influence from his gold mines in Colorado and Dakota Territories but it is his gentle, caring insight and worldly perception that captures Regan’s heart. Yet, from the onset, their love is threatened by insurmountable obstacles from the past. Since she was a child, Regan was charmed by her aunt, Lareina Charles’ success as a journalist in the male-dominated West and has aspired to her own career in that untamed culture.

About the Author:
Jeannie Hudson grew up on a ranch in Wyoming where her rapport with animals was nourished in a country environment. After college, she became a full-time author and sold four suspense novels.

My Review:
 We are instantly transported to a world full of the pursuit of wealth, the promise of a new life, and pure bonified romance in Jeannie Hudson’s latest, Behold A Lone Horseman–throw in a little dust and we are in the Colorado Territory all over again.

 Regan Townsend, decides to take her career on the road into unsettled territory. A place behind the camera is usually a place for men only, but she intends on proving to herself and everyone else that she will conquer this feat for all women. But falling in love wasn’t something she factored in to the whole equation.

 Love out west proved to be adventurous but she and Aiden find out just how much this adventure will cost them. I enjoyed the book because there was an adventure on every page. The story has well developed characters that jump off the pages. A really great piece of historical fiction!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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