Review: Disney Classics CD Box Set

 Accompanying all of the movies made by Disney is the awesome music chosen to set the mood of each viewing. Many of us remember the songs we would hear while we watched one of our Disney favorites. Well as always, Disney has went above and beyond to bring their fans a CD box set so that you can listen to those songs that you hold dear any time not just when watching one of their beloved classics. This CD box set contains 4 discs that have a total of 96 songs and is available at Amazon at this link.

disney cd box set music

 Some of my favorites from the CD’s were Under The Sea, Little April Shower, and When You Wish Upon A Star. This is a great set and makes the perfect gift for the Disney fan in all of us.

The four volumes of the collection – Disney Modern Classics, Disney Timeless Classics, Disney Theme Park Classics and Disney Television Classics – bring favorite musical moments to fans of all generations.

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me at no charge for my honest review from Walt Disney Records and the Entertainment New Media Network.

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