Review:Girls Can’t WHAT?

 Girls Can't WHAT? Gifts

The HOW & WHY behind the brand:(from the artist&creator herself)

The company is called Girls Can't WHAT? and we're all about encouraging girls to challenge gender barriers and achieve their dreams. The site itself is full of inspirational stories from ladies of all ages as well as practical tips on topics such as goal setting, personal relationships and more. 

As an artist, I created the Girls Can't WHAT? characters as a way to represent girls who are passionate about what they love to do, but have a hard time finding support for their sport or career. Each design bears the Girls Can't WHAT? message of empowerment that girls can do anything they set their mind to do. To date, we have sold thousands of t-shirts, tote bags, hats mugs and more. Our most popular designs are the firefighter, the preacher, hockey player, drummer and guitar player.

As full-time self-employed mom of 2 teenage daughters, I also wanted to help other moms who need an extra helping hand to get their businesses started or pay for education costs. Each month Girls Can't WHAT? gives 20% of our earnings to women through the KIVA micro lending program. Since we started this program 2 years ago, we have helped over 200 women in achieving their dreams.

 The Girls Can’t WHAT? site has dozens of different gift ideas from apparel to coffee mugs to aprons and greeting cards. You can also pick an item based on what interests the girl in your life has. My daughter chose a four wheeler which is listed for $22.20, but if the girl in your life is interested in music or sports then that is definitely an option. But don’t be deterred if I didn’t mention a particular interest. There is always something on the site that you can choose from as there are many different options.

 There is also some options there for women or tween girls. Gretchen has thought of it all! I was even surprised to see that they have items to choose from for today’s electronic devices. So whether you are looking for items for yourself or for gift ideas this is an awesome place to look and you will even help others with your purchase.

Pictured above is my beautiful daughter modeling the shirt. She loved the feel of the shirt. The fit was perfect and we are really happy with the printing on the shirt. Girls Can’t WHAT? has some really amazing products and their customer service is excellent. Please pay them a visit. Here is the link to their home page.

**Disclosure** This item was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the owner/creator of Girls Can’t WHAT?

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