SWITCHED! (TJ and the Timestumblers Series) By Bill Myers A Book Review

Taken from the back of the book…..”TJ’s bald head! The goofballs’ Swiss Army Knife has shaved everything in sight,from trees to shrubs to… Well, you get the idea. Fueling their time pod. All they have to do is sneak aboard a top-secret nuclear submarine and “borrow” its plutonium power pack. And worst of all worsts, the minor matter of TJ and her archenemy, Hesper Breakahart, switching bodies. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?)
My daughter helped this review by reading this book for me so I give her all the credit. To me it was geared more towards her age group so I let her read it. She loves the book! She got a huge kick out of the names the author used. She told me a few after all who wouldn’t think Principal Bustubad, Mr. Hatemijob, & Bruce Bruiseabone are just the tiniest bit funny. I thought that was real clever of Bill Myers to use those names. We had never heard of this series before I got the book to review. But after receiving it and letting my 14 year old read it. I have to say we may have to get the rest of the series. She really liked it that much! It wasn’t a hard read for her to get into either which is a plus in my book.
This book was provided to me for my honest review by the

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