Review:Time 4 Learning

Have you ever thought as a mom of children that struggle with their school work;I wish there was something online interesting and fun that they could do that would actually help them with their school work? Maybe something that was educational as well as fun. While as a home school mom to four children, I think I finally found it. It is a website called Time 4 Learning. It has online curriculum and activities for children in PreK-8th grade.
With affordable monthly payments you can let your kids have some fun just like I did. They were “doing school” and loved it. My 6 year old is a new reader but doesn’t struggle he still enjoyed it greatly. But my nine year old struggles with reading and frankly it is hard to get him to read as a result. But Time 4 Learning was a godsend. He would log in everyday without complaint. So you see whether you have children that are struggling to keep up in school or you have a child that is so far ahead of everyone that he is bored Time 4 Learning is for you.Here is a link to their website so you can check it out:
Thank you Time 4 Learning my boys loved it.
I was given the opportunity to try Time 4 Learning for free in exchange for my honest review.

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